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In support of the clubs! sainacapro.de - for my friends:                                                           

It seems to me there is a big deficit in our life concerning the character building of our kids. And this deficit also spreads to the younger generation of parents.
To support you and your dedicated work with your club, I have developed a character-building program.This program must become a basis for outstanding performance in all areas.
Society should avoid confusions – Character builds the basis of life and not knowledge and skills, as is usually presented and taught at our schools.
Our future leaders should achieve your level!

Short explanation of the SaiNacapro program:
Your child should watch an animation every day!
These animations are built on valuable stories from all the religions or from life experiences, which will be unconsciously stored in the memory
Being in a stressful situation, we always recall and use only the stories in our memory; therefore to have a   good basis is valuable and important for our life.

Please take a look at the program and at the short explanation- attachment.
Watch a new story every day for several weeks on our internet page!

To support you, there will be attached a short presentation of the idea and methods, and a motivation flyer!


Attachments for download:
-Motivation flyer/ short description of the idea and methods
-Information for parents

-Presentation for press

With warmest regards,
Your friend

Contact mail: richard@sport-saller.de